A small town, a high density of history

Post title - Trento Trient Trent Trentino South Tirol - tourism

The historic center is only 10 minutes away. Pedestrian area, just walk, relax, feel the old spirits of time breathing in the streets. If the stones could talk, the narrow streets would be noisy.
Trento is now the capital of the Provice, autonomous from the central state. Trento thrives on commerce, services, tourism, high-quality agriculture and food (wine, fruit), and is an international research center thanks to a renowned university and more than 20% of the population consisting of university students and professors (a kind of small Athens in the Alps :).

Post title - Trento Trient Trent Trentino South Tirol - tourism

Conquered by Romans in the late 1st century BC, this was the main (only) passage to reach Germany and England. Some Roman soldiers remained, and the original language is still spoken today as "Ladin" in some valleys. In other vallyes people speak medieval German (Val dei Mocheni - Mochental). In 1027, Emperor Conrad II created the Prince-Bishops of Trento, who wielded both temporal and religious powers. In the 14th century, the region of Trent was part of the Austrian rule (Tyrol), then Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the 16th century the Council of Trent (1545–1563) gave rise to the Counter-Reformation. Part of Italy only after the First World War (1918), a unique cultural mix between Germanic and Venetian influences, blended with a solid pragmatism of hard-working people leading hard lifes in the valleys, before tourism and skiing arrived to bring wealth and fame, starting approx. from Luis Trenker movies.

Post title - Trento Trient Trent Trentino South Tirol - tourism

Post title - Trento Trient Trent Trentino South Tirol - tourism

Among the suggested visits

  • Piazza Duomo and Palazzo Pretorio (romanic architecture, archeological excavations in the cathedral).
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (elegance and Renaissance)
  • Church of San Lorenzo (medieval romanic monastery)
  • Buonconsiglio Castle with regular expositions (Buonconsiglio Website).
  • Giro al Sass ("tour of the stone"), the main shopping and people-watching circular path around the old jewish quarter of Trento (called "the stone") with palaces, Opera House, coffe shops, shopping, etc. This is the place where local people meet during the day for relaxing, chatting, etc.
  • Local street market (usually on Thursday morning at Trento, Saturday morning at Pergine)
  • Piazza Fiera (with the old town wall and frequent expositions). Christmas market in winter.
  • MUSE science museum and Renzo Piano architecture ( MUSE website).
  • Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics

Useful brochures

From local tourist office:


Trentino - South Tirol a paradise for skiers

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Trentino - South Tirol is the number one region for skiing in Europe. Tens of different resorts, some as close as 30-40 min by car from the apt. In some areas you start in the morning and come back in the evening without repeating a single slope (actually, you will not be able to ski on all slopes!). If you stay for some days, consider our "ski menu" offer.

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