Lake Caldonazzo, Garda: swimming, biking, sunbathing, ...

Lake Caldonazzo ("Lake of Trento")

Lake Caldonazzo could also be called "Lake of Trento", default summer swimming and sunbathing place for Trento local people and tourists, 15 min by car. It can be reached by train (local train station Povo-Mesiano, 15 min walk from apt., go down the stairs at the monastery, then up towards the white University building, walk for pedestrian only with view over Trento, then either straight ahead or cross public university park, see map below). Bikes can be carried on most trains. Suggested stop Calceranica (20 min). Trento-Venezia trains schedule (until Dec 12, 2015) , Trento-Venezia trains website .

BTW, if you continue walking after the train station, you reach a second modern University building (Faculty of Science) and then the Village of Povo (fountain, pizza, ice-cream).

Beaches, meadows, restaurants, pizza, ice-cream, boat rental, surfing, sailing,...

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Nice walks around the lake, leading also to romantic Lake Levico. Suggested stops: Pergine (visit the castle with view at the top of a hill), Calceranica (baths, boat rental), Levico Terme (thermal baths). A bike trail (no cars) along most of the lake (San Cristoforo - Caldonazzo), and you can continue biking for about 100 km going towards Venice (Valsugana).

If you like bicycles, there are hundreds of km of dedicated paths in Trentino, notably along Lake Caldonazzo, the Adige river (also leading to Torbole, Lake Garda, or to Bolzano and Brenner pass), Val di Sole (Sun Valley) with a train to carry your bikes to go up if you do not want to sweat too much :) Also on most local mountains with proper mountain bikes and along most local lakes. In most places you can rent bikes or even reserve guided tours on the highest and most challenging peaks. At the apt. you can wash your sporting equipment and dry it in the sun, simple tools are available on request. Bikes can be parked outside, or even inside if they are clean and you are only two-three people so that you have enough space.

Map for biking at Lake Caldonazzo

To bike along Lake caldonazzo (and Roman Via Claudia Augusta), three possibilities (see map above):

  • (steep at the start, for trained people - A in the map) directly from the apt., go up to reach San Dona' and Cognola, then Civezzano (old panoramic road - do not enter the highway tunnel !), then down to Pergine, and Lake Caldonazzo
  • (very steep, mountain bikes only - B in the map) directly from the apt., go up to reach Povo, then Passo Cimirlo, then down to Roncogno (check your brakes!), Pergine, and Lake Caldonazzo
  • (flat, for everybody including kids - C in the map ) reach Pergine (rent bike if needed), park at Pergine or along Lake Caldonazzo. Follow signs for "pista ciclabile" (bike path) around the lake.

If you are a hard-core bicycle fan you can proceed along the Roman Via Claudia Augusta to reach Bassano and even ... Venice :) Interesting villages, Roman ruins, castles and towers, Bicigrills (to eat/drink/refresh), restaurants, ice-cream...

Map for biking along Roman Via Claudia Augusta

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and the one most loved by sportsmen. It used to be a glacier, now with a funnel form, steep and narrow fiord at Riva del Garda, more open in the South. Very regular winds blow in the Northern part.

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Most aquatic sports: swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, biking, or simply sunbathing, people-watching and restaurant-hunting in the villages with Venetian influence.

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We suggest the road above, through Valle dei Laghi ("Valley of Lakes"), with suggested stops at:

  • Castel Toblino (quick stop, romantic lake and castle, bar and restaurant)
  • Challenging free climbing, paragliding, base jumping, etc. (parete zebrata). Vie ferrate! - choose the difficulty level according to your preparation and be properly equipped.
  • Arco (city center and castle above)
  • **** Riva del Garda (restaurants and ice cream!). At Riva you can rent a bike and ask for the well-known Ponale bike tour. Biking from Riva to Torbole is more relaxing and requires less training than Ponale. No bike? You can also walk or take a boat :)
  • **** Limone sul Garda (romantic, restaurants, walks, lemons, boats, ...)
If you travel by car, park in the well organized and publicized big parking areas, do not try to enter city centers, usually they are for pedestrians only. Other nice places: ***Torbole, ****Malcesine (castle), Garda, Peschiera, Sirmione (thermal baths and villa of Catullo), Salo', and tens of smaller villages to discover. Freeways A22 - A4 (exit "Lago di Garda Nord", "Affi - Lago di Garda Sud", "Peschiera", "Desenzano") are faster to move around, but if you are not in a hurry we suggest you enjoy the winding roads along the lake. The trip is a pleasure like the destinations.

Lake Garda was loved by german poet Goethe.
"Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen bl├╝hn,"

You know that land where lemon orchards bloom,
Its golden oranges aglow in gloom,
That land of soft wind blowing from blue sky,
Where myrtle hushes and the laurel's high?
You know that land?
That way! That way
I'd go with you, my love, and go today.

Secret lakes

Among the 600+ lakes in Trentino - Sudtirol there are many small "secret lakes", unknown to most tourists, where you can swim and feel like you are in your private lake in the middle of nature.

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You win a special 10% discount at reservation if you guess the lake in the above photo! We change the lake in the photo from time to time. It is not easy to find them, but we can help :)

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