New MUSE Science Museum (Designed by Renzo Piano)

MUSE Science Museum

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MUSE is the new Science Museum, one of the best in Europe, opened in 2013, already surpassing one million visitors. Families and kids will have fun. Because of its popularity, be sure to make a reservation the day before on crowded days, to ensure your place (or buy an online ticket).

MUSE Trento

Trentino and MUSE.

Another interesting technology museum at Trento: Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics , here Caproni Museum on wikipedia .

MART, Depero, War Museum (Rovereto)

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Entrance of MART museum, Rovereto.

If you like modern art, consider also visiting the newly opened MART museum at Rovereto (30 min), and Depero futurism museum. Rovereto's war museum (1915-18 war) in a castle is also worth a visit.

Iceman and Messner mountain museum (Bolzano / Bozen)

Going North to Bolzano (30 min by freeway or train), of interest Messner mountain museum and the "Iceman" museum of archeology ('Ötzi The Iceman' Mummy, a uniquely well preserved body from 3000 years ago with all tools, equipment, etc.).

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Otzi, the oldest perfectly preserved mummy in the world, discovered in a local glacier (reconstruction of his face)

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